L01 - What's your address?                             L09 - How often do you go to the movies?
L02 -  He is finally sleeping.                             L10 - Review
L03 - What do I do?                                            L11 - Let's try again
L04 - But today...                                                 L12 - Why don't we try again?
L05 - What a day?                                               L13 - You should try
L06 - I have a big problem!                               L14 - Hoe about taking some aspirin?
L07 - I know, but...                                               L15 - Review
L08 - I never work on Sunday.                          L16 - I am going to study.

L17 - I am going to study.                                             L25 - Review
L18 - What are you going to do?                                 L26 - Where were you yesterday?
L19 - She is coming to visit us.                                   L27 - I worked a lot yesterday.
L20 - Review                                                                   L28 - I di´d't have time.
L21 - I think the worl will be very different.                 L29 - Did you work yesterday?
L22 - Hunger won't be a problem in the future.        L30 - News from today.
L23 - Will you be around this weekend?                   L31 - I went to the beach last weekend.
L24 - Will or going to?                                                   L32 - How was your weekend?

L33 - Past, Past, Past                                    L37 - It is more beautiful than...
L34 - The Emperor's new clothes               L38 - It is less expensive than...
L35 - Texts                                                        L39 - It is most interesting
L36 - It is as beautiful as...                            L40 - Extra exercises

* Dísponíveis no NTE.

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